787 Comfort 2024 Touch of Green


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Only available for a limited time: The touch of Green. A beautiful and unique green edition of the 787 comfort. And not only in terms of color, but also made green by using our unique facet fabric. In addition to a luxurious look, this fabric in the color olive has the advantage that it is made from 100% recycled wool. The base is made of recycled plastic. The aluminum mechanism is also fully recyclable.
Why choose this green edition of the 787 comfort edition? Because the color green is soothing, has a relaxing effect, offers balance and hope, has a beneficial effect on your sense of security and harmony and gives you renewed energy. And green is the color that really suits everyone. So you'll look even better than usual when you're sitting in it or standing next to it! This also applies to the room where this chair will be placed, because let's be honest: a Touch of Green wouldn't look out of place anywhere! Order this unique chair today, because the Touch of Green is only available once and will therefore not return after 2024.
  • Height-adjustable upholstered design backrest (color Olive Green, Facet)
  • Upholstered comfort seat with stitching (color Olive Green, Facet)
  • Height, width and depth adjustable diagonal armrests
  • 4D arm pads with blockingsystem
  • Donati D109 synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment and rail
  • Seat depth adjustment by 7 cm
  • Green 140 mm gas lift.
  • Green design nylon base
  • Multifunctional double castors 60 mm
  • 10 years Guarantee