Creating office chairs

Chairsupply is a very experienced, fast growing brand that is focused on the design, development and production of office chairs, work chairs and conference chairs. If you're buying your chair with us, you can always be sure that you are buying an extremely comfortable chair at a good price. All products comply with European standards and a number of chairs also complies with the Dutch guidelines, the NPR 1813. This way, your office design is suitable for 99% of the Dutch population.

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Dynamic sitting. The solution.

We understand that it's not always fun to sit so much everyday, but with a chair from Spindl that is no problem. Spindl is an 'office lifestyle' that keeps you moving. Whether you're sitting at your desk the whole day, teaching (or maybe being taught) or every other sitting profession, Spindl does not stop you from having a healthy lifestyle!

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Italian design for the wholesale trade

BenCamp offers beautifull chairs with an Italian design. Our articles don't only help you furnish your workplace, but also in a home- or hospitality furnishing our articles come into its own. Besides the standard articles, we help you to realise custom-made articles. Get in touch with us about the possibilities and let us help you create an unique design.

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Italian design

Timeless, idiosyncratic and affordable, at the office or at home: Sit-On brings these things together. We are happy to help you improve your living- and working-environment when it comes to sitting, without falling into 13 in a doen-products or unaffordable high-end design. Our network is international, but we have an Italian base. By working together with top designers, we want to realize your personal wishes.

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Sit and Move

Sit well, move often, work better.

Sit and Move combines science about sitting with the knowlegde of more exercise. Our products are designed with an eye for comfort, durability and user friendliness. This makes sitting comfortable and less stressful for your body. The best components were chosen to build these models. All components are interchangeable and contribute to the circular economy. Guaranteed quality, supported by 15 years full service warranty.

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