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Sit and Move combines science about sitting with the knowlegde of more exercise. Our products are designed with an eye for comfort, durability and user friendliness. This makes sitting comfortable and less stressful for your body. The best components were chosen to build these models. All components are interchangeable and contribute to the circular economy. Guaranteed quality, supported by 15 years full service warranty.


The past years we have been busy with optimizing the internal organization, the product portfolio and the ease of ordering. Our purchasing price list was the first step in this, this website is the sequel. We want to show our products unambiguosly, giving you immediate insight into the application areas, the dimensions, the options and the fabric possibilities. On our Company page you will find our company description and the frequently asked questions and on the Downloads page you will find our variety of fabric cards, flyers and so on.

The advantage of this concept? You can shop at different brand names and you only receive one order confirmation, one invoice and one truck at the door. 


Commitment to the environment is very important to us. We burden the environment as little as possibleby using environmentally friendly materials whose origins can be reduced. We also enure that our products can be re-used, we jointly create a friendly working environment in which we can continue to rise above each other and strive for a healthy relationship with our partners. Our goal is to permanently imporve our products, so that we can extend their life span and use less raw materials. We want to prevent waste as much as possible and that is why we use as many recycled plastics as possible for the production of our office chairs.

Currently, 100% circulair is an utopia, but approaching the maximum percentage will be the first goal.

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