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About 706 Seating Group

The 706 Seating Group contains five companies: Chairsupply, Spindl, BenCamp, Sit-On and Sit and Move. Each brand has its own unique models, character and target group. This way, we try to offer the perfect articles for everyone's taste. We're not only the right address for office-, home-, hospitality- and care facilities, but also for refurbished articles. Could you use some help? Then let yourself be inspired on our inspiration page.

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Traditional, agile, or the new way of working? You will stand up and sit down every so often. We are sitting experts. From a stool to a 24-hour chair, and practically everything in between, you will find it all in our collection. We have products that can fully support you in any posture, but also products that challenge you and that ensure that you sit dynamically, the so-called agile sitting.

Our products have a diversity of application areas. A care institution, an office or home workplace, a canteen, a boardroom or a meeting facility? We are your right address!

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The dining table, which is your household's meeting centre, demands a good, beautiful, trendy or comfortable chair. The armchair with side table is the ideal place for deliberation, relaxation, or a last email. We have an extensive programme of Italian design that we can deliver from stock. 

Of course, we can supply most products in numerous different fabrics and colours, for the right atmosphere in any interior.

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Welcome to the catering range of the 706 Seating Group, your manufacturer and wholesaler in standard and custom-made hotel, café and restaurant furniture. We offer a wide range of catering furniture, including tables and standing tables, (bar) stools, sofas, coat hangers, umbrella holders, outside furniture and upholstered and non-upholstered chairs. 

Would you like to give your restaurant or café a personal touch, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Customisation is no problem at all for us, if you have any questions in this regard, we will be very pleased to help you!

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Reusing materials and products has now become part of everyday life in our society. A good thing too...! Although we would like to sell you new furniture, we are just as pleased to offer you products that deserve a second life, that have had little use and that can still serve their purpose for many more years, but also products with minor damage that does not influence normal operation at all. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee repeat orders due to the quickly changing stocks. In this section, you will find products that will give you years of pleasure!

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