A360-WS, in fabric Oasis black


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You will never have a problem sitting comfortably for a longer period with the A360-WS. The permanent contact mechanism, the comfort seat with seam stitching (without cover), the 6 cm adjustability and the upholstered hard cover ensure you can sit comfortably for a long time. This office chair is also fitted with a plastic design base with a black gas lift and multifunctional castors. The A360-WS has a five-year guarantee as standard.

The A360-WS complies with (N)EN 1335. This standard indicates that the chair has a height adjustable seat, a backrest at least 22 cm high and a lumbar support surface, armrests with a length of at least 20 cm and a tilting mechanism for both the backrest and the seat. Office chairs that comply with the (N)EN 1335 standard have the same level of comfort as an office chair that complies with an NPR 1813 standard. However, office chairs with an (N)EN 1335 standard have a smaller range of adjustment options and are primarily suitable for people with a body length between 151 and 192 centimetres.
  • Height adjustable comfortable upholstered back with hardcover (color black, Oasis)
  • Upholstered comfort seat with stitching, without cover
  • Permanent contact mechanism equipped with:
  • - Sliding seat adjustable 6 cm
  • - Complete angle adjustment
  • - Independent seat adjustment
  • - Independent back angle adjustment
  • - Weight regulation
  • Black gas lift
  • Nylon black design frame
  • Multifunctional wheels 60 mm
  • 5 years warranty