B1 in fabric Mirage black


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The highest demands are placed on a chair for intensive work such as monitoring or surveillance, in terms of comfort and durability. A good chair supports the body as evenly as possible. The more surface contact between chair and body, the less pressure is being applied to any particular spot.

That's why almost everything about this all-day chair is adjustable. For example, it comes as standard with a height-adjustable, ergonomically shaped, extra-high backrest with headrest and lumbar support, adjustable straight armrests with small padding, and an extra comfortable seat with 6 cm seat height adjustment. This chair can take a maximum load of 200 kg, and has 2 years warranty for 24/7 use or 5 years in normal use.

This chair is the ideal ergonomic office chair, where you can sit comfortably for long periods once adjusted properly. Ideal for working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To encourage the end of use recycle for chairs and to prevent waste generation, the user will receive a refund of 50 euros per complete chair. We can then disassemble the chair and recycle and reuse the components for a new useful purpose.
  • Height adjustable, ergonomically shaped and extra high backrest (fabric Mirage black)
  • Height and depth adjustable headrest (fabric Mirage black)
  • Depth adjustable lumbar support
  • Height and width adjustable straight armrests
  • Armrests are equipped with small soft top
  • Upholstered extra comfortable seat with seat depth adjustment by 6 cm
  • Donati Epron RV mechanism with weight adjustment
  • Aluminium polished design base, with matt black bottom and two stage gaslift
  • Multifunctional castors 60 mm
  • Maximum weight: 200 kg
  • € 50,- End-of-life-circle restitution
  • 2 years guarantee for 24/7 use and 5 years for normal use