Moiré + AR, brown


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The Moiré + AR + AR is a chair with a bucket made of plastic polypropylene and a chrome metal tubular frame. The chair is fitted with armrests. The chair has a spacious construction - in this case a double grid layer - which is made out of one piece without the material needing reinforcement. The idea is taken from the characteristic Moiré + AR + AR pattern of fabric. With a Moiré + AR + AR pattern, two almost identical fabrics have been placed over each other for a subtle effect. In 2010, this chair won the prestigious ‘iF product design award’, and in 2011 it won the Design Plus Material Vision 2011 award. In 2011, it was also voted the BEST OF THE BEST category OFFICE and this won it the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD. The Moiré + AR + AR is stackable to max. 10 chairs.